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What To Do After The Hair Restoration Surgery

The night after the procedure and the next few nights you are required to sleep on two pillows to keep your head elevated. Take the pain killers provided in case of case for pain. The surgeon might prescribe antibiotics to protect against getting infection. The next morning, the bandage will be removed in the clinic and you will be fully instructed with the post-op care process. For initial healing process shampooing/hair wash will be demonstrated. On the second day, you are required to begin washing your hair in the morning and evening as demonstrated in the clinic.

You should avoid alcohol for three days following the surgery and avoid smoking for two weeks. When in strong sunlight, you should cover your head with a cap or hat for 3 months to protect it from the sun.

Most patients are able resume daily routine in one or two days after the procedure. Limited exercise can be started in the first week. You should avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks following the surgery, depending technique used for hair transplantation and the laxity of your scalp. We kindly request you come back to clinic for a one week follow-up visit, but for those who live abroad, this can be handled by phone.

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