Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

General Information About Hair Transplant:

A hair transplant is only possible if hair loss has no pathological causes. In case you are not affected by any disease, which should be excluded by a dermatologist, the genetic pattern of hair loss follows an individual progress which can be classified into a certain scale at the “Norwood´s baldness classification”. There will always remain a certain crown of hair on each Male´s scalp for the rest of the life with permanent follicles. Due to genetic predisposition the remaining roots in this area are not affected by hair loss. This happens to every Male person, even if a bigger amount of hair on the vulnerable and balding area will be lost after years.

During the procedure of hair restoration the follicles taken from this donor-area are being relocated to the bald or less hairy area of the scalp

Why Essilahair?

Essila Hair Center is one of the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey

Dr. Kadir Öz along with his medical team has completed many hair transplantation surgeries with amazing results without single fail for patients from all over the world past 12 years

We are providing best quality services through our dealings with the best hospitals in Istanbul as professionals and medical care which has been certified by the British quality authorities for high health standards.

As Essila Hair Clinics we differ from our competitors by understanding our patients needs better and performing hair transplantation surgeries according to our patients needs in order to give them natural appearance. We are doing this in high standarts still keeping cheaper price for our patients

We have excellence compared with the results of hair transplantation surgeries in other countries such as Iran or Lebanon. Also getting same results as developed countries in medical sector like European countries and America.

Best hair transplantation surgeries done in Turkey with keeping all WHO standarts compering low price surgery doing countries.

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