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Sapphire-Gold Punch FUE

The duple technique that we use in hair transplantation operations are not separate from each other. Sapphire –Gold Punch FUE are innovative agents that boost success of the percentage and convenience of hair transplantation.

Accompanied by the rapidly-developing nowadays technology, The FUE technique that has been practiced since the first half of 2000s delivers new innovation in its own right.

The most recent technological development of nowadays hair world is Sapphire-Gold Punch FUE. Sapphire is a mineral that ranks as a precious metal. The sapphire knives obtained from this metal are sharper and smoother. Additionally, sapphire knives are smoother and more solid than the slit knives that has been used before. Thanks to the sapphire knives, patient goes through a very comfortable process during the operation and as well as after operation.

The most important thing in successful hair transplantation operation is to transplant the hair holes in a proper way that matches the original and to give less harm to the epidermis. If they are not done correctly, erroneously canalized holes can lead to traumatic effects on patient’s life after the operation and thereafter. As a result of this kind of an operation, sparsely and sheerly transplanted hair which we call as necrosis or grass head image can have a bad effect on patients’ psychology. Sapphire knives have smooth, sharp and anti-bacterial knifepoints which are used for opening canals that hair follicle will be transplanted, this process is also known as the canalizing operation.

Another important phase of hair transplantation operation is the hair follicles being removed from epidermis. Nowadays, in hair transplantation operations, the hair follicle in the back of patients head which is situated as the part between ears and genetically coded as not prone to hair loss is used. If the process of removing hair follicle from epidermis is not done properly, it can overshadow the operation resultant and it can cause detrimental effects on patients’ life which will lead to dejectedness. Before starting the operation, the team of doctor will perform the hair transplantation must have a well knowledge of hair strands, skin structure and must analyze the ancillary equipment which will be used during the operation.

These days, hair transplantation operations are done with a as cheap as chips price and in those operations medical equipment that are not approved by WHO (World Health Organization) are used causing permanent damage afterwards. There are many people who undergo cheap hair transplantation operation and in the parallel with the bad result of it, they get depressed. Gold Punch is a disposable, sharp, aseptic, anti-allergic, gold-plated surgical instrument which is used in hair transplantation and it serves the purpose of removing surrounding area of hair follicle. The formation of an operation scar on the nape of the neck of patients who undergo Gold Punch operation is %70 relatively lesser than those who undergo the other punch operations.

Essila Hair Center is a hair transplantation establishment participated in innovative movements, following the todays developing technology closely to serve you in best way. In our operations we use completely licensed medical instruments by following international standarts and rules. Our main goal is to provide you the best service with the maximum level of comfort and contentment with the operation. For a decade, we have served over 21.000 patients without any adverse outcome which will upset the patient, that’s why we are the only establishment in Turkey that certified with ISO 1002 and assuring %100 of satisfaction.

Essila Hair Center use Sapphire-Gold Punch FUE. We operate hair transplantation with the result of having dense hair and up to %100 natural appearance in our patients.

If you have a problem with your hair if it’s falling,falled or it has done incorrectly, we will be glad to assist you.

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