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Hair Transplant For Beard And Mustache In Essila Hair

For men with empty areas in the beard or even men who have no beard at all the best solution is this most modern of operations. The demand for this treatment has grown with the current popularity of facial hair.

75% of Hollywood prefer to grow their beard in order to change their look from time to another.

1- We use a safe and guaranteed hair transplant method with successful results 100% of the follicles grows within maximum 6 months of the operation giving a very natural appearance for the beard without no scars shows that you gotten hair transplantation operation.

2- Before the operation we determine the hair growing direction and we draw a natural lines according to hair direction in order to give the natural appearance for the patient’s beard with ability to make it as you like.

4- At Essilahair we transplant 3500-4500 follicles within 6-7 hours

5- We are able to do a local or general anesthesia under the supervision of competent staff in order to avoid the patient from pain caused due to the high sensitivity of the face.

Transplanted hair in the beard, eyebrow and mustache grows faster than head transplanted hair because the blood circulation goes faster in the face than in the head which allow hair to grow and results to be measured quickly.

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