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Follicular Units Extraction FUE Hair Transplantation

The FUE-method enables a single unit-extraction without reducing the skin elasticity which often occurs after a FUT-hair-restoration. Grafts/Units are removed one-by-one during the FUE-method.

FUE Hair Transplantation Advantages:

FUE is the best and most common way for hair transplantation for several reasons:

– Leaves no scars after the treatment by using a very developed tool.

– The scars caused by the operation disappear within maximum 10 days after the treatment

– Extracting big number of follicles in one session. Specially with our professional team who can extract up to 4500 follicles in one session.

Most of men grow their beard in order to get more masculine appearance. We are at Essila Hair specialized in beard and mustache transplant using the best techniques and giving extra care using the best hospitals in Istanbul.

 Follicular Units Extraction Or FUE:

Was invented over 20 years ago by manual extraction of the hair one by one. This has been developed to use an automatic extraction machine allowing us to extract a larger number of hair follicles in a shorter time.

Stages of FUE Hair transplantation:

1- Drawing new hairline to give a natural look.

2- Extracting follicles using FUE using specialized punch without harming the donor area which is at the back of the hear between the ears and the neck.

3- Preparing the extracted follicles and putting them in a nourishing environment.

4- Opening tiny holes in the scalp by using needle within the drawn area and in accordance with the number for extracted follicles grafts.

5- Planting the grafts in the opened holes.

The whole transplant procedure by using the FUE hair restoration method is, of course, more time-consuming than the FUT-method due to a manual removal of individual grafts. In consequence to this issue the FUE-method is nevertheless more time-consuming and affords higher concentration, which is the reason for higher rates compared to other methods such as the FUT-extraction-method.

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