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Hair Transplant For Eyebrows

Are key in defining the shape of your face and the way you express yourself. A clean natural looking eyebrow is an important part of a polished look since it calls attention to the eyes and gives a impression about your personality.

Our medical staff at Essilahair play a very important role by drawing the initial line of the eyebrow according to the patient gender and features taking in consideration:

– The wide face for plump person should have a intense, thick and high eyebrow which fits his face more than thin and stretched eyebrows.

– Rounded faces fits with thin eyebrows with smooth endings

– For long faces where usually the eyes are close to each other. It is more suitable to keep distance between eyebrows when transplanting the follicles.

– For symmetrical faces, patients are free to chose the shape of the eyebrow since all eyebrow shapes can fit. Also patient can consult our medical staff.

The operation is performed with FUE method just as the normal hair transplant operation with taking the follicles from the back of the head.

Eyebrow shape can be corrected for different cases such as removing scars or suturing or burnings or weakness of eyebrow hair.

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