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Hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplant repair procedures are done to correct poorly done hair transplants. Bad hair transplant results can be both embarrassing and traumatizing since the transplanted hair is permanent.

What are the causes unnatural hair transplant results?

  • Unnatural distribution of grafts

  • Poor density

  • Poor placement of grafts resulting in hair facing in wrong direction

  • Old hair transplant techniques e.g. plugs and mini graft techniques

  • Poorly designed hairlines (too low, too high or asymmetric hairlines)

  • Over extraction of grafts with FUE causing visible scars

  • Wide FUT scars

What techniques are used in hair transplant repair?

Incision sites should be made with very thin instruments, to avoid visible scars. Punches used to extract grafts by FUE should be a maximum of 1mm. Angle of incision of the grafts should be carefully determined, so that the results are natural and neat. Recipient sites are prepared with lateral slits that will result in fuller denser appearance.

Graft excision – Grafts transplanted in wrong places or in wrong directions can be removed and re-implanted correctly. This is very useful for plug techniques, the plugs can be extracted; grafts dissected from them and re-implanted in a natural distribution.

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