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Hair Transplant In Women

Hair loss in women is characterized by thinning of hair on the frontal and crown areas but the hairline stays intact. Most women experience diffuse type of hair loss throughout their scalp which makes it difficult to establish a suitable donor area. Several medical tests are needed to establish the cause of hair loss in women before any treatment is prescribed. Hair loss in women can be genetic, caused by some diseases, stress, poor diet and nutritional deficiency, harsh hair chemicals and dyes, or traction alopecia caused by excessive pulling of hair through braiding or ponytails.

Hair Transplant for Women – FUE or FUT?

Women are more skeptical about shaving all their hair. While FUE requires shaving a larger area at the back and sides, FUT requires only a thin strip of scalp skin extracted from the donor area, so only a small part is shaved off. The advantage of FUT over FUE is the ability to go through the surgery without shaving; however the disadvantage of FUT is not many grafts can be obtained from the thin strip, resulting in poor coverage and sparse density. This is the advantage of FUE, you can obtain as many grafts as is needed to give good coverage and density to the bald area. It is getting common for women to choose FUE over the traditional FUT. The recipient area does not have to be shaved; grafts can be easily transplanted within the existing hair.

Women Hairline Restoration for Traction Alopecia and Forehead Reduction

A very high hairline brings out a big forehead look which might not be appealing to some patients. Similarly, tightly pulling of hair in high ponytails and braids and frequent wearing of wigs can result in hair loss along the hair line which looks unnatural. Hair transplant is very suitable for such female patients; with a stable donor, many grafts can be obtained. In such cases hairline design is very important to bring out the natural beauty of the patient.

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